From The Pastor


I have a question for you.                                                                          Who did you invite to come to church with you this week?  If you didn’t invite anyone, then I want to ask you a different question.                                                                                                                Why did you not invite someone to come to church with you this week?

You never know what one invitation will bring.  Many years ago, my Dad invited one of his friends to church.  That Sunday evening his friend came to church.  My Dad was actually a bit surprised.  But he was also excited.  I remember him leaning over and asking me to be praying for his friend.  He told me, “This might be the night he gets saved  Pray for him through the service.”

Well, guess what happened that night?  His friend did NOT get saved.  But he did continue to come to church from time to time.  Twenty five years later, my Dad’s friend went to church again...and this time, he did accept Christ as his Savior.

It wasn’t on the first invitation that his friend got saved, but the first invitation planted the seed.  One day, the seed took root.  There may be someone out there that you know...a friend, a      neighbor a co-worker, the person who takes your money at the gas station or the store, and all they need is an invitation from you.

Joining with you this week, in handing out invitations,



Serving Him, by serving you,

Pastor Dave Peterson

Cell: (530) 933-3689